CIS Excellence Award


We are delighted to announce that Keith Marley has been awarded the CIS Excellence Awards Patisserie Chef of the Year.

The prestigious award, sponsored by Callebaut,Callebaut_lockup_PMS_POS was presented to Keith at the Glasgow Hilton.

The winner of the award had to demonstrate:

  • Outstanding technical skills which clearly distinguish the candidate from their contemporaries
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the various  mediums used in patisserie, including all forms of pastry, marzipan, chocolate, sugar and pastillage
  • A reputation for exquisite creations which require innovation, imagination and flair
  • A comprehensive knowledge of his or her competitors, and the ability to differentiate themselves accordingly
  • The respect  of his or her peers within their chosen field of expertise
  • The ability to identify emerging trends and the foresight to create his/her own, which their contemporaries and competitors may feel obliged to adopt
  • A desire to share and impart their knowledge, experiences and skills with their peers and the next generation of chefs within his or her chosen specialism